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Nourish and renew your skin with this nutrient-and antioxidant-rich pumpkin mask.


This invigorating mask delivers powerful enzymes and nutrients into the skin. It's ideal for hyper-pigmented and textured skin. It works as a weekly resurfacer while detoxifing and energizing. 


Product Highlights:


-- Gently exfoliate with Glycolic Acid to reveal fresh, soft, polished skin.


-- Pumpkin Fruit provides antioxidants and a large dose of nutrients to leave skin with a youthful glow


-- Vitamins E and C provide extra benefits and antioxidants, helping to brighten dull tired skin.


-- Meadofoam Oil acts as an emollient sealing in moisture and keeping the skin soft, plump, and supple


—Superstar Ingredients:


  • •Pumpkin Fruit Puree
  • •Glycolic Acid
  • •Vitamin E & C
  • •Sunflower & Meadowfoam Seed Oils
  • •Organic Bilberry Fruit and Cranberry Fruit Extracts



**great for all skin types . use no more than twice a week at night. the enzyme may cause sun sensitivity best if used after oil cleansing **

Pumpkin Renewal Mask

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