Looks and smells edible. A must have product for soothing ALL skin types.


This gel mask is formulated with organic aloe leaf juice and fruit + flower extracts that provides a cooling (anti inflammatory) sensation as it imparts a delicate scent reminiscent of freshly squeezed juices in a Shirley Temple drink.


-- Superstar Ingredients:

  • ~ organic aloe leaf juice: hydrating, rich in source of antioxidants and vitamins to protect the skin
  • ~ organic rose water: hydrating and PH balancing
  • ~ eggplant fruit extract: high in Vitamin C
  • ~ holy basil leaf extract: antibacterial & anti inflammatory helps to prevent acne and clean pores.
  • ~ red seaweed extract: moisture retention, builds elasticity, and promoting skin smoothness.
  • ~ neem oil: promotes collagen production ~ lemon + lime peel extract: gentle exfoliation, sloughs away dead skin cells. 100% pure, no additives, no fragrances, no alcohol, no dyes.

BYxDI Shirley Temple Rose Gel Mask