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- High concentration of stem cells at 5% - 


A very lightweight serum making it easily + quickly  abosrbed.  Great for all skin types. Works amazing as a preventative + corrective treatment for premture aging. 


Apple Stem Cells have been scientifically proven to trigger the epidermal cells of the skin to begin self-renewing at a pace similar to that of early youth. This prevents the skin from sagging, developing lines and wrinkles, and appearing unhealthy or dull.


The stem cells of the apples are known for prmoting epidermal skin cells to renew faster while simultaneously, undoing/ prolonging chronological aging.


Daily use is essential!


HOW TO USE: massage 4 drops of the Anti-Aging ByxDi Stem Cell Serum onto  freshly damp/ toned skin until it is absorbed completely. For best results, follow up with the ByxDi Anti-Aging Stem Cell Moisturizer at night before going to bed.


INGREDIENTSWater, rosehip seed oil, vegetal glycerin, hyaluronic acid, xanthan gum gel (from fermented sugar), apple stem cell culture, lecithin, citric acid (from limes), ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin C ester), tocotrienol (vitamin E), potassium sorbate(natural preservative from mineral salt).



ByxDi Anti - Aging Stem Cell Serum

SKU: 022792
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