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With #SKINBYDI you'll find revolutionized skincare treatments created with all that is good and natural.


Dineka takes pride in using products that are free of unpronounceable ingredients, chemicals, fragrances, or fillers. Every powerful component used in her practice has a distinct purpose which is why her highly effective treatments actually display real time beneficial results 


Here at  #SKINBYDI we know that all blemishes and breakouts are not the same and should not be treated as such. We have individualized products + treatments  that work for all skin types and conditions.

Your skin is the the largest organ on your body. Because it is porous, it absorbs a percentage of everything that is put on it. Which is why Dineka is  100% committed to transparency when it comes to what is in her products used in and out of the treatment room, and what makes them so effective.


And Dineka wants to help you maintain the most healthiest skin possible. 

She understands exactly how difficult it is to find products that actually heal and keep your skin balanced while truly being beneficial. Skincare should be easy.


Dineka's finds genuine joy in providing 100% natural alternatives to help you achieve your skin goals At SKINBYDI is where you'll find all natural facial treatments + skincare tips using organic, vegan, cruelty and paraben free products.


Book with #SKIN x BYDI today to start your journey to clear, healthy skin


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